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Why to use OHM Dashboards

In-depth analysis without doing any extra work
All of the Ads API data you require in a single report
Generated automatically and is constantly updated
Simplifies data collection from different parts of Google accounts
Less time and resources on report creation and maintenance
Faster creatives' performance analysis

Who we are

As a Google Ad Tech Partner, we have created
several integrated solutions that simplify the work
with data and analytics in advertising campaigns.

Why you'll like our reports

60% Less time to evaluate creatives' effectiveness

Make it simple to know what creatives work best

¾ time you save
on collecting

All performance data in one place

No more manual reports

All insights from Google
PMax on a single

For whom

For Enterprise Advertisers

Obtain important insights for campaign optimization or quickly review its quality.

For Agencies

Take a fresh look at your campaigns: review creatives and explore new insights.

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This solution gives a helicopter view to several campaigns at once and makes working with creatives transparent and efficient

Joom team

OHM Reports partly cover the ETL function, partly solve ad-hoc problems for combinations of conditional metrics & dimensions that cannot be pulled out by the standard connector in Looker. Asset reporting speeds up evaluation of metrics in dynamics

Yango team

Quite a useful report. If you have a large number of P.Max campaigns running, you don't need to run each one separately to evaluate the performance by assets. Everything is automated, in one interface and saves time and effort

Fintech company team


Google Ads
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For OHM Agency customers

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